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What is a love line?

It is what connects you to the wellspring of love that exists in all living things and moments.

Where do you find these love lines?


It’s in your breathe.

It’s the baby napping on your chest.

It’s a gospel song that makes you dance.

It’s a krishna mantra that brings you to the bottom of your heart.

It’s in the starlit night sky.

It’s in a shimmer of the summer sun.

It’s an I love you text from your mama.

It’s in the meal you made your bestie.

It’s dancing wildly in your kitchen to your fave song.

It’s the young boy buying flowers at the super market for his secret Valentine he’s to shy to tell his Mom about.

What grants you access to the burst of light and color you are made of?

Feeling love.

Being love.

Giving love.

Do you see it’s beauty being reflected right back at you?

Whatever plugs you back into the essence of bliss, that’s a love line..

It’s electric, it’s colorful, it’s everything.

Marvel at the magic all around you.

Calling you home to the love in your heart.

Jot down on a crisp white piece of paper, or your journal, all the lines of love that come your way.

And notice all the love that flows from the center of you…

Thank them all as they come, and as they go…

A love line that stands out to me the most is the angelic connection I still have with my Dad, his love line comes through a lot lately. From the other side.. Here’s the most recent magic that has conspired..

I’ve recently started to expand my range in growing my business. My souls true work here on Earth, is to reach as many as I can and offer my love, my heart and my tiny bits of wisdom, I know can help uplift this world in a hundred ways. I have stepped up in sharing the healing medicine of essential oils in each of my yoga classes. My yoga students have gotten closer and closer to me since then. They confide in me and ask more questions, they long for a deeper healing, a brighter day, a more buoyant heart. What a true gift to connect at that frequency. The frequency of love. The love lines reconnecting.

 A dear women spoke with me after class one day and shared with me her husbands feat with MS. She is such an angel and wants to help him shine once again. We met up and talked for hours and had lots of tea and tears and ordered him a set of oils to help lift him up, offer healing of any kind, and to bring some ease and joy back into his life.

We keep in touch to see what oils aid in his healing, to see how one another are doing, and to simply be there. To love is to simply just be, right there. Holding someone in your arms, your heart, your prayers. Love lines.

I received a text from her last night, and then spent an hour sobbing, tears of reassurance, in total awe of this beautiful mess we call life, and all its hidden gems. Hidden love lines that are forever open. Love lines never close.

Her text read:

“Was your Dad’s name Roy?”

“My husband played baseball w/ him- men’s softball league.
My husband met you when u were a little girl.
What a small world.
You’ll have to come to our house one day to meet Don.”
Essentially, those were the best childhood memories I have with my Dad. And now a man who knew him well, who met me when I was a little girl, at a baseball field… I, have the humbling privilege of helping him heal. I am blown away.
I can remember everything about those days, the smell of the spring green grass, the osh kosh b’gosh jean jumper I wore everyday with its little embroidered pink flowers on it, my little sister and her little blonde bob hair cut, my Mom’s big 80s glasses and her big smile, the tire swings, my Dad’s big hands full of that earthen red baseball field dirt, his excitement to play and run and be a big kid, he was free there.
Once again, a love line, this time from the other side, from the stardust of things, coming through.
Take a few minutes each day, like I said before, take inventory of the love flowing towards you, catch it, drink it, send it back out.
Enjoy a little love playlist I created for you below, links to Spotify 🙂
Thank you for listening.
Crystal Dawn

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