Crystal Dawn Froberg

“Let the beauty you love be what you do” ~Rumi

Crystal finds the beauty and magic in the yoga teachings and she loves sharing her love of yoga with others. Over the last 10 years of her life while being passionate about the healing arts including massage, dance, vegetarianism, and lots of travel, yoga was and is a huge part of her daily life. On and off the mat. In 2012 Crystal moved out to California to study yoga at the Laughing Lotus in San Francisco. The 200 hour Laughing Lotus training was the most transformation, beautiful, heart opening time of her life. Awakening to her soul’s purpose on this planet even more. What Crystal offers in her yoga classes is to hold the space for others to heal, get in tune with the rhythm of their hearts and help students remember the sacredness of their lives. She invites her students to bring the magic back into everyday life.  To live out your soul’s wildest dreams and to embrace the beauty of every moment. Yoga helps her to step out of her head and into her heart. The heart space, where we all should learn to live from. She recently graduated from a 100 hour Art of Attention yoga training in NYC with Elena Brower. This training brought the magic of yoga even deeper into her bones. Refining every cell, thought, and pattern. Crystal feels honored, humbled and privileged to be a yoga teacher in this lifetime. She is ever so grateful everyday for this practice and to the humble joy of being able to share it. 


the central or innermost
part of something

“In beauty I walk. With beauty before me I walk. With beauty behind me I walk. With beauty above me I walk. With beauty around me I walk. It has become beauty again.”

– Navajo Blessing